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Our handrails are more than just functional, providing years of durable, lasting beauty.

At Griffith, we believe that handrails should be more than just functional. Your handrails can beautify and enhance the look of your stairs by incorporating stylish designs, shapes, patterns and construction, with fine woods or choice metals.

Depending on the type of stair you wish to install, we can help you select a handrail that will be a perfect compliment to complete your design, providing you with years of durable beauty.

Over The Post

griffith stairs over the post handrailThese Newel posts are more elegant and tapered so that the handrail passes directly over the post using a variety of handrail ‘fittings’ to accommodate turns and rises to follow the stair.

The handrail fittings include volutes, goosenecks, quarter-turns, tandem caps, etc. also in a choice of handrail profiles as well as different wood species.

There is a wide variety of ‘over the post’ Newel posts with matching wood balusters and also different wood species.

Post To Post

griffith stairs post to post handrailThis type of handrail system would use a box newel and the handrail would fasten to the side of the newel post. Where height changes occur, such as a stair landing, a gooseneck could be, but not necessarily, used to accommodate the transition.

Handrail fittings may also be used to make turns to follow the stair where eliminating posts is a short span would create a more desirable finished look. Box Newel Posts are of different sizes to better suit the size of the stair as well as different species to match the stair and handrails.


griffith stairs handrailsThese are tapered newel posts with a flat boxed section at the top to receive the handrail usually with a mushroom, acorn or ball top cap.

Rather than passing above the post, the handrail would fasten to the side of the newel post using handrail fittings to make height transitions (goosenecks) as well as turns in the stair. These posts are designed with matching wood balusters and also in a variety of wood species.